BUBBLES! As I sit in my living room on this Tuesday morning, still feeling the effects of thanksgiving weekend, I start to think about bubbles. This is by far my favorite type of wine.  I know everyone agrees that nothing livens up a party like hearing the pop of a sparkling wine.  Don’t let the … Continue reading Bubbly


Thanksgiving Wine #2

You may ask how I became so passionate about wine because not many people share the same curiosity.  To many, wine appears to be simple and just an extra “thing” and is not always embraced. To me, wine is a divine addition to enhance every flavor and bring a little something extra to any occasion. … Continue reading Thanksgiving Wine #2

Thanksgiving Wine

Thanksgiving Wine As I sit here on a Sunday morning enjoying a Bellini and listening to the Buffalo Bills pregame, I start to think about wine for the holidays, Thanksgiving to be exact. Having the right wine on this "party for your palate" holiday is crucial.  As you read along, I will break down Beaujolais, … Continue reading Thanksgiving Wine