We all Shine in Different Ways 

Before we are born, a set of morals, values, beliefs and laws are already set out for us. As stated in The Four Agreements, even our names are chosen for us. From day 1 society has implanted an outlook on how life is meant to look before we even get the chance to learn our … Continue reading We all Shine in Different Ways 


Being in your early 20s, one year away from achieving your doctoral degree, and 2 years since earning your B.S. in biology, should qualify you to earn a decent amount of money while working a job more substantial than folding towels and making shakes. However, today in America, these credentials provide you with the opportunity … Continue reading Balance 


Empathy to me describes the purest level of selflessness one individual can demonstrate towards another.  We are all separate souls with different finger prints mapping out our path which makes it impossible for one person to feel exactly what the next is experiencing.  Because of our individuality, empathy is the greatest effort put forth in … Continue reading Empathy