Happiness is figuring out what works for you and just simply doing it.

Sometimes this isn’t so simple though, is it? Our minds are complex, and when not aligned in our best selves, there can be a constant battlefield with back and forth on some of the simplest decisions.

So how do I figure out what makes me happy? 


We have 52 weeks in a year to experiment.  We have the time to figure it out but we must commit.

Step 1:  Select ONE thing in your life that is a constant battle
Example: When to go to exercise

Step 2: The first idea that comes to mind, pick itThink no further.
Example: Morning 

Step 3: Figure out what you need to do to make this happen
Example: Set an alarm 

Step 4: Do it for AT LEAST one week – many studies suggest at least 21 days but after a week you should have a good idea if this choice makes you happy
Example: Wake up regardless of how much sleep you got (this would be another goal for another time) and go! 

Step 5: After 7 days reflect back on your commitment and if it made you happy keep going, if it made you unhappy try something else.

Modify, trial & error, commit 

The key is to commit and keep trying.  We have one life and it is ours.  We have the control to make it exactly how it should be so we can live our best life.

For inspiration on weekly goals be sure to check our Flour.ish every Monday 🙂


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