Magical Mushrooms

*all information discovered through evidence based research*

Mushrooms don’t appear to be all that special (no offense) but these funky fungi are PACKED with essential nutrients that our body needs to function at its highest capacity.  Research has discovered that mushrooms contain significant immune boosting power.  They have antiviral, antibacterial, anti tumor AND anti-inflammatory properties.  Human illness is caused from viruses, inflammation, bacterial infections and of course cancer, all of which can be combated by our little mushroom friends (those funny guys 😉).  Inflammation is a huge reason why people have joint pain and medical mushrooms such as cordyceps have been found to help reduce this pain.  Now you may think this sounds crazy but research has been done to prove these facts.

Even better, you cannot cook out the nutrients from the mushrooms, which is something that commonly occurs in other foods during cooking because heat can break the chemical bonds.  So why does this not happen with mushrooms? Mushrooms contain a fibrous cell wall known as chitin.  This strong substance of polysaccharides will not breakdown from prolonged high temperatures meaning mushrooms are a GREAT addition to any warm and cozy meal you prepare during the chilly months.

Another reason to add mushrooms to meals during the darker, wintery months is that they also contain vitamin D! Vitamin D is typically found through a daily dose of sunshine and is essential for the health of our bones and teeth.

SOOOO don’t be nutrient deficient this fall/winter! Combat colds, lack of sunshine and joint pain by packing a few baby bellas into your lunch box everyday or check out this recipe if you’re feeling more of a cozy, savory, warm, delicious, creamy, comforting soup instead.

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