Follow Your Fingerprint

There is no right or wrong way to live your life, besides the right and wrong you feel within yourself.

We are all on our own path.  Just take a second and look at those swirly lines on your index finger.  We all have a unique fingerprint. This isn’t a number issued to you by the government, or a name given by your family.  This little design is 100% unique to you and you only and it was determined through the miracle of life.

You may believe in God or you may not, but either way you came onto this planet with a marking no other creature can ever possess and to me that seems pretty freaking significant.

These discrete symbols signify our own individualized map; A journey unique to the beholder.  Fingerprints aren’t flashy and they don’t make us stand out from the crowd but never the less they are there.  Our personalized designs as a reminder that we were put on this earth purposefully as an irreplaceable, extremely extraordinary creation that can never ever EVER be replicated. (naturally…)

… everyone is different.

There are forces in this world that try to guide us in certain directions whether it be social media, professors, family members, friends, facts, fiction, facts that turn into fiction etc.  but the only force that ever feels “right” is the force that our soul accepts and I believe that is our true meaning.

We all know when something “feels right.” It can’t be explained but we ALL know it. I just think people forget their uniqueness and veer so far away from this feeling.

No one can tell you what to do in order to live the best life because no one will ever live your life, no one will ever be you and no one will ever have your fingerprint.

The most successful people in the world… sure they can give great advice but they aren’t successful from listening to someone else’s advice … they are successful from listening to the advice they are giving you (which is the advice they told themselves) get it… we all possess the ability to give great advice to be successful… just listen to yourself.

Feel that feeling.  

Seek your own success.  

We have been programed to achieve it.   

Life here on earth, right now is all you know.  Embrace it.  Listen to yourself.  Tune into what feels right even if to everyone else it feels wrong.  With all that is going on in this world life is way to short to hinder your path. Be true to you and follow your fingerprint.



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