Eat Cherries and Go for a Run 👟🍒

Summer has officially begun for me! I moved into my grandparents beautiful condo on the bay that they very generously are letting me use for my clinical rotation, officially have been hired as a camp counselor for Rochester Rotary Sunshine Camp and started training for a half marathon in September! Life is good 👍

One of my very best friends and roommates from NJ suggested running a half marathon together in the fall 1. For a reason to see each other 🤗 and 2. For a fitness goal we can share while holding eachother accountable.

Why I love running:

  1. It’s free
  2. Can be done anywhere
  3. Always lifts the mood and clears the mind
  4. Intensity can be easily increased or decreased
  5. Gives the cheeks a nice rosey glow😊
  6. Gets the blood flowing and everything moving (including the digestive system) 😉
  7. A great reason to jam out to favorite tunes
  8. Boosts the metabolism
  9. Utilizes any extra calories the body may have stored
  10. Great for tying fitness together with social events

There are many days when I literally have to force myself to run but there has never once been a day when I’ve finished a run and regretted doing it.  However, there have been quite a few days where I regretted not going for a run.

Having a goal set and a friend to hold me accountable is a great recipe for success.  👭✔️

Now to cherries!!

First and foremost Jennifer Aniston reported she eats cherries everyday so obviously, with this fact alone, we all should be eating cherries daily.

Secondly, cherries have an incredible amount of researched health benefits and are currently in season so it’s a great time to grab them!

They contain

  1. Perillyl alcohol: found to cause tumors to regress and prevent various types of cancer
  2. Vitamin C: antioxidant found to reduce heart disease, block carcinogen formation, aid with collagen formation
  3. Fiber: gets things moving 💩
  4. Potassium: Lowers blood pressure, essential for muscle contraction
  5. Copper: essential for proper brain function, collagen production, absorption of iron and energy production

Cherries are a delicious sweet treat with incredible health benefits!! They are in season now so it’s easy to find a fresh batch while supporting local farmers at farmers market near you 👍

I ate about 20 pre-run … Not the best idea … Definitely eat them post-run.

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