Upon entering this life as fresh little newborns we are granted with two blessings that will be with us for the whole entire journey whether we like it or not and those are ourselves and our families.  Life is a gift that should not be taken for granted considering the nearly impossible statistics it took for each one of us to be created.  The fact that we are each given a unique identity and family proves that in order to fulfill our lives to the fullest we must embrace both, considering no one else will ever be able to experience anyone else’s personalized blend.

This weekend was my grandparent’s (moms side) 50th anniversary.  We celebrated the milestone on the gorgeous landscape of Keuka Lake.  We enjoyed tasting wine and BBQ style foods through the Keuka Lake Wine Trail Fire it up! BBQ Weekend.  Although storms were on the forecast, the weather held up and could not have been better for our celebration.

We stayed at a lovely lake house where we enjoyed drinks on the doc with a beautiful view of the lake, a family style dinner accompanied by drinks, scategories, music and dancing and a deliscious “recovery” breakfast the next morning to prepare us for the remainder of wineries.

From my 17 year old brother to my 74 year old papa, everyone had a genuinely enjoyable time which is pretty unique!

To be realistic … Families are not perfect. They are interworkings of various personalities, preferences, aspirations, accomplishments, failures, etc … The list goes on and on.  Families are a grouping of one individuals’ whole life experience multiplied by everyone else in the families whole life experience.  Things get complicated.

What I have learned from this weekend is that life is filled with highs and lows regardless of how well you try to live your life and throughout these highs and lows our families are the only concrete foundation we have to get us through it all and shape us into the people we become.

If we see life as a path that each of us is exploring our families are the park rangers that make sure we are never lost.

This is a life thought brought to you by Taylor Lynné.  Thanks for reading 🤗


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